The Original Bloody Mary Bar

"It all started with a few pickled garnishes to support our neighbor, Bay View Packing, and the next thing I knew, I was putting entire fried chickens in my Bloody Marys. A full-out garnish war in Milwaukee has ensued.” - Dave Sobelman

A staple morning cocktail for many Wisconsin bars, the Sobelman's Bloody Mary is made with our zesty, house-made Bloody Mary mix. Topped with signature garnishes, every Bloody Mary comes with a colby-jack cheese, a pickled Polish sausage, a pickled mushroom, a pickled Brussels sprout, an asparagus, a celery stalk, a green onion, and on another toothpick a shrimp, a lemon wedge, and a grape tomato.

But one day, Dave stuck a cheeseburger on a skewer in a Bloody Mary and wrote on a Facebook post: "Am I going too far?" Before you knew it, he had hundreds of comments.. Everyone loved it. It seemed a little crazy to Dave, but when he got home that night he sat down and looked at Melanie before saying, "Wow, I think we're on to something."

The story of the Milwaukee Bloody Mary garnish wars began, in a natural progression of things. Next came the bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheese-balls, known as the Baconado Bloody Mary. And so on and so forth.